What is the importance of establishing relationships with different systems of belief?

"Ask the Rabbi" with Rabbi Mario Rojzman EP-1

Recently, Rabbi Mario Rojzman invited a Muslim imam, a Christian pastor, and a Hindu scholar to Beth Torah synagogue as part of an open dialogue series to share thoughts.  After the fact, we posed the Rabbi with the following question:

What is the importance of establishing relationships with different systems of belief?


(Introduction to the video)

Recientemente, el Rabino Mario Rojzman invitó  a un imam Musulmán, un pastor Cristiano y a un erudito Hindú a la sinagoga Beth Torah como parte de una serie de diálogos abiertos para compartir pensamientos. Después de esto, planteamos al rabino la siguiente pregunta:

¿Cuál es la importancia de establecer relaciones con diferentes creencias?


Es una gran pregunta porque todas las religiones se llenan con declaraciones  como “Ama a tu  prójimo como a ti mismo”, así que siempre me hago esa pregunta, ¿Cómo puedes amar a alguien que no conoces? Decimos que amamos a todos, pero en concreto, ¿Amas a tu prójimo, el que reza diferente a ti, come diferente a ti, se ve diferente a ti, cree diferente a ti? Así que pensé que el primer paso sería llevarlos a nuestra casa de oración, a nuestra casa de estudio, nuestra sinagoga, y escuchar lo que tenían que decir, y obviamente la conclusión después de recibir a estas tres personas hermosas fue que tenemos muchas  similitudes más que diferencias y que debemos mantener las diferencias porque el mundo en el que creo es un lugar donde las personas tienen derecho a jugar todos los deportes, incluso aquellos que no entiendo, pueden hablar todos los idiomas, incluso aquellos que me suenan raro, pueden comer todo tipo de comida incluso las que no me gustan porque en la orquesta de la humanidad, el director principal que es D-os disfruta viendo que sus criaturas pueden tener una relación siendo tan diferentes.

Volviendo a la pregunta, la razón por la que tenemos la serie es  porque la única forma de reconocer la parte divina en el otro es escuchar lo que cada uno  tiene que contar. Cuéntame tu historia y esto es lo que al final del día hicieron estos tres maestros de diferentes religiones; nos dijeron quiénes son, qué creen, qué les quita la oportunidad de dormir en paz por la noche. Al final del día es lo mismo: La gente persigue a las personas sin razón.

Hola y  gracias por estar ahí. Si tienes alguna pregunta que crees tengo algo que agregar con mis comentarios, me encantaría interactuar en un diálogo contigo. No me importa quién eres, no me importa en  lo que crees, siempre y cuando seas abierto como yo para ser un buscador de la verdad y no un dueño de la verdad. Entonces, si tienes una pregunta, porque yo  tengo muchas preguntas, intentemos responderlas juntos.

Dr. Chander Shaykher – South Florida Hindu Temple.

Hola, mi nombre es Dr. Shaykher y acabamos de terminar una clase en Beth Torah y fue una experiencia maravillosa para mí y el sentido de nuestra clase era que todos podemos ir y ayudar a alguien todos los días. ECHAD

28 Forever Strong

Alexis Wronzberg Echad blog pic.jpg

By Sean DeLima

Since the beginnings of our conscious realities, mankind has been seeking insight from those that have walked the road before us.  One particular subject that impacts all of us, but is often overlooked or bypassed in discussion, is the subject of death.  Many would argue that the word "death" has been misdefined and often appropriated with finality versus transgression; the fact is, we cannot produce hard evidence of the hereafter - any more than we can give a physical description of gravity, or a thought before it becomes an action.  Just as the sky is (incorrectly) thought to be blue, our perception on the subject of death defines its reality. 

I recently attended a leadership gathering (LDI - FJMC) that brought wisdom-givers and information-seekers together for a weekend.  During our communal bonding time,  I expressed my interest in Lake Ontario, in appreciating Canada as a South Floridian, and in my admiration of its diverse Jewish community.  Shortly thereafter, I met a Torontonian by the name of Rick Wronzberg, who truly defined my time at this gathering.

Rick began our conversation discussing East Indian Jewry in his congregation, as well as his interaction with a Sephardic Torah that was transported from India to the arc in his Shul.  It wasn’t until he mentioned the number “28”, and its relevance with his daughter Alexis, that all peripheral sounds muted - and his voice came in clear and strong.

Rick had lost his daughter to cancer in Israel on December 29, 2010 (December 28, 2010 in North America).  The following is a blog entry from Rick’s wife, Debra, that consolidates what Rick and I conversed about, with regards to the number “28”, and the plight of Alexis.



alexis wronzberg

28 = Ko-ach

My family has a number that pops up constantly in our lives. It's the number 28, or 2's and 8's both Dani's and my birthdays are on the 28th, Alexis's birthday is on the 22 of the 8th month, our address at home is 28. Alexis's 1st diagnosis 6 years ago was on Sept 28/04 and her recent relapse was on the same day Sept 28/10. The apartment we rented in Tel Aviv is unit #28 and the buildings address is 28...there is more but you get the point. I emailed our Rabbi regarding the significance of the #28 in Judiasm he responded that 28 is Koach (pronounced ko-ach) which means “strength”, so we are literally surrounded by strength, which is a good thing!



Whether coincidence or otherwise, is unimportant to the bigger picture of the message conveyed: 

'You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.' 

It’s been seven years since Alexis left the hospital room, but her presence only went from present to omnipresent.  Now, Alexis Wronzberg is 28 FOREVER STRONG.  

Meanwhile, Rick has gone on to become the embodiment of the number 28, to carry forward what his daughter carried with her into her ascension - STRENGTH.  Rick has passed the torch of strength onto his ball hockey team, his fellow chaverim, friends, acquaintances and strangers, and inspired us all to rise to the challenge - no matter how tall the wall is.  

Rick and Debra, through action and through writing blogs, have become examples of learning to productively cope with change, and in conveying the information & experiences to the next person(s) for the greater good.  Mazel Tov! 

For more information on Alexis' story, please visit Debra Wronzberg's blog HERE

For information on FJMC, please click HERE

How To Stay Energized With Proper Nutrition


Proper nutrition is extremely important to stay healthy and energized throughout the day. Eating healthy and sticking to a certain lifestyle is challenging in itself. We all lead busy and hectic lives these days, which can certainly derail our health efforts. But just know that is doesn't have to. With proper planning and proper nutrition, you can all feel energized throughout the day.

As a blogger, I lead an extremely busy life. Between blogging, traveling, and cooking, I am constantly on the go. The one thing that keeps me going is proper nutrition. Eating organic and committing myself to an organic lifestyle is what fuels me throughout the day. I make sure I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because that is what provides your body with natural sustained energy. Since I cut caffeine out of my diet, I personally cannot rely on coffee as an energy source. Instead, I fuel with other natural energy sources that come from nutrient-dense foods.

Just because you may have a dietary restriction like kosher, gluten free, nut free, soy free, dairy free, vegan, and organic, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice getting proper nutrition. With diets that are restricting, sometimes packaged food can be stripped of nutrients that the body needs. But there are many ways now to stay energized, healthy, and fit without compromising your dietary lifestyle.

Here a few tips to help you stay energized with proper nutrition...

  1. Carry snacks that contain nutrients
    • I always carry snacks with me no matter where I go. This is so that whenever I feel an energy drop, I have something quick and healthy to re-energize my body with.
    • The best snacks to carry are organic nuts, fruit, protein shakes, and protein bars
      • For a convenient quick protein shake, I drink Orgain. It is an organic brand of protein shakes that does not contain any soy, gluten, artificial colors, or flavors. Almost all products of Orgain are Kosher except their Slim Powder and Superfoods powder.  I normally drink their plant-based protein which is vegan. It is great for those of you that have dietary restrictions but also need something to keep you energized. For more information visit their website www.orgain.com .
      • For protein bars, I buy the GoMacro brand. It is a high protein bar. It is also certified organic, kosher, gluten free, vegan, and raw. It is perfect for those of you that have certain dietary restrictions. It is great for after or before a workout and it keeps you full and energized. For more information check out their vegan protein bars.
  2. Drink organic juices or smoothies
    • Organic juices or smoothies are a great way to refuel your body with nutrients from plant based sources. It is also a great way to get a high amount of nutrients from just one drink.  In the morning or afternoon, I'll either make a juice/smoothie at home or I'll stop by an organic juice bar and have an organic smoothie or juice there. It is an instant energy booster.
  3. Keep healthy food in your house
    • Always buy healthy food that is accessible. After a workout, sometimes you feel like you want to ravage your kitchen and it is common to crave unhealthy foods. But, if you keep healthy food in your house that complements your lifestyle, you won't have to worry or sacrifice your lifestyle.
  4. Drink a lot of water
    • Drinking water regularly prevents dehydration. Dehydration causes tiredness and drains your energy. So, drinking water will help you avoid low energy.


These tips are some of the many ways you can stay energized with proper nutrition. I hope these tips help you. You should never feel like it's hard to live an active lifestyle while also living a restrictive dietary lifestyle as well. There are so many amazing products out there these days that allows you to stay energized without sacrificing your lifestyle. Remember, proper nutrition is key to optimal health.



Sara, "S.O.Eats"

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