Welcome!  Our upcoming initiatives are adventurous and range from exploration to culinary, to the development of a professional meet & greet network, all with a spiritual component at its core.  We are currently seeking the help of visionaries to make the opportunities available to everyone! 

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Happening: November 17, 2017

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A signature Shabbat that gears into the attitudes of today, with a network gathering unlike any other!  Rabbi Mario Rojzman opens up the Bima to the voices of this generation - and we are LISTENING!  After service, an organic/gluten free and overall health-conscious kiddush will greet attendees, along with an open forum conversation on culture, career, identity, values, friendship and spirituality.  YOU can choose whatever conversation(s) interest you, and participate or simply listen/observe and enjoy.  Special guest influencers will participate in sparking conversation, and in opinion polls - at different points during this multiplex-style think tank!  

Happening Now

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A 5k run & walk for solidarity!  This fellowship event is open to ALL, and will begin with a special message for world peace, courtesy of Rabbi Mario Rojzman & friends.  We will end the run at a gathering point where food, refreshments, and entertainment will be provided via sponsors & vendors.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be awarded, and a good time will be had by all people involved!

Coming Soon!

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Finding your significant other is a necessary part of the life cycle and an innate desire for many.  Though technology is forging ahead and swiping left & right does have space, creating new friendships and having in-person conversations may still be the most reliable route to love.  In today's world, time moves fast, people are bombarded with information and less receptive, and marriage often comes later in life.  Meet Your Mensch strays from the standard profile checklist and begins with the starting point - friendship - with an ice breaker project.  You are invited to a wine tasting/tapas event where the art of mezuzah-making and other great points of our culture is revealed.  Prizes will be distributed to all participants as well as additional "Meet your Mensch" opportunities.  There will also be an enrichment component that will assess your needs and potentially help you define your desired significant other.   

Coming Soon!

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Many of us have heard the quote "The best way to predict the future is to create it" - easier said than done, but with our generation working more and more, our career choices are so much more life and lifestyle decisions.  When entering into a career choice, or while in the midst of seeking the right decisions to make in your career, we all need thoughtful, sound advice.  "Meet the Professionals" is your chance to sit with successful individuals in a variety of professions and industries, and ask them questions that you probably wouldn't get a chance to ask, like "What are your 2-3 major keys to success?", or "Does this career offer time for much of a personal life?" or "Are you happy with the type of people you interact with in this line?".  This initiative is a must-attend for all ages that are still defining their work goals, and for those that are interested in discovering what a specific job title truly encompasses.

Coming Soon!

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Great words have a way of impacting our psyche and moving our soul - sometimes even altering the course of our lives.  Behind the Parsha is a sort of spiritual Blinkist for those of us who love enrichment, but might not have the luxury of time (or the patience) to sit through a formal sermon to discover them.  In one sitting with friends, family, and new acquaintances, and with some help from Rabbi Mario Rojzman, this monthly courtyard event gives us those golden nuggets of information from past weeks' Parshas, along with background context, in a wonderful picnic-style setting - to send us home, nourished on all levels!

Coming Soon!

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Sharing food & culture is one of the most interesting and enriching experiences, and also a wonderful way to grow as a human being.  Give your secular dates, spouses, friends and others - an opportunity to experience the tradition of  Shabbat at the beach with a bonfire.  The music & prayer, the kosher/dairy/organic kiddush, and the friendships built in this ultimate relaxing and inspiring environment will make for a very memorable evening.  A "marshmallow bar" at the bonfire will be making specialty "shm'ores" and give new meaning to the term 'lit'!

Coming Soon!

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Imagine lighting Shabbat candles on Friday night - on the set of your favorite Marvel film - and inviting Jewish and also non-Jewish friends to join in a prayerful moment... that's a Shabbat in the life of 'Mensch at Work':  Russell Bobbitt!  Russell is one of the most influential prop-masters in Hollywood, having built iconic items like Captain America's shield, Thor's hammer, Iron Man's arc reactor, and many others over his 30 years in the business.  In an era where work and Shabbat often coincide, join Russell in discussing how his Jewish identity carries over in the midst of red carpets and blockbuster films.  At the end of the discussion, get an up close look at some of Hollywood's most acclaimed props, which Russell created.  Pictures WILL be permitted at this showcase!

Coming Soon!

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Jewish existence has thrived all over the world for centuries, with many of the locations not as recognized or publicized as other commonly visited heritage sites.  Join The Destination Diaspora Team and Rabbi Mario Rojzman for an immersive experience into Jewish history, landmarks, culture, cuisine, and more.  Imagine joining us on a tour of Gran Temple Paso in Buenos Aires or of the Gateway of India in Mumbai, alongside knowledgeable experts who bring to life the history and significance of each location.  In between landmarks, eat and mingle with locals of all backgrounds, and with old and new friends on & off the ship. These destinations are long overdue for those who have an interest in unconventional places associated with Judaism. Whether you're a history buff or you just love culture, cuisine, education, or travel - Destination Diaspora is made for you!

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Most of us can appreciate a great bowl of Matzo Ball soup, but with the greater Diaspora spanning Argentina to Ethiopia, India to China, Morocco and back, there's a whole world of Jewish cuisine ready to explore!  Tour De Culinary offers a wide array of dishes, some historically Jewish and others adopted by Jewish tradition due to organic/kosher value.  Whether you're a foodie, or simply have a hunger for knowledge and history - this initiative is food for your soul.