The colorful world  of  Rabbi Mario Rojzman: an immigrant, an optimist, a scholar, a father, a friend, a humanist, a Jew - a man.

The colorful world  of  Rabbi Mario Rojzman: an immigrant, an optimist, a scholar, a father, a friend, a humanist, a Jew - a man.


Why Mario Rojzman?

Coming from the rabbi of an esteemed synagogue, the ABOVE quote's perspective can seem both profound and perplexing.  But that is the genius of Rabbi Mario Rojzman, one of Echad's most passionate advocates.  This humanistic approach to religion and life is what makes Rabbi Rojzman unique, and also what draws so many people of all faiths and backgrounds to the man with a day named after him (May 8th), and who has a personal relationship with Pope Francis.  

Rojzman believes in a wholistic, multifaceted social structure that caters to all needs of the Jewish people, rather than honing in on just one need, for instance - religion.  He is also a leader who does not judge a person by their level of commitment to Judaism, but instead whether they are an honest, moral, good person.  He is a humanist welcoming of all races, creeds, and perspectives, and does not assume his perspectives or beliefs are an end-all notion.

At Echad, we seek to build unlimited relationships, spiritual and beyond, and see Rabbi Mario Rojzman as an excellent example of keeping an open-mind in today's diverse world.  

You don’t find G-d in institutions, you find G-d in relationships.
— Mario Rojzman



Rabbi Rojzman’s childhood began in a loving family in Buenos Aires, with a father who cut short his own ambitions to become a doctor - when World War II started devastating Europe’s Jewish communities.  Instead, his father & mother chose to bring Jewish song and live theater to the masses of Jewish communities who had lost all but everything to the war.  Rojzman grew up traveling Europe & Latin America, watching his parents perform, and spending many nights speaking with and consoling Holocaust survivors.  Being immersed in such deep tragedy, and playing an active role in the healing process - would help to shape a lifelong devotion to unity and tolerance, along with a pledge to help the Jewish people.

Years later, Rojzman traveled back to his home country of Argentina, joining the congregation and eventually becoming head Rabbi at Bet-El Community, the largest Conservative synagogue in Latin America.  Following 2 bombings and the loss of his sister-in-law, the rabbi and his wife decided to move to the United States to give their five children a better and safer life.

Seeing and living through such hardship and hatred would turn some hearts cold, but instead Mario Rojzman has used the extreme negatives to drive a positive message of hope and love to the world.  As a spokesman for human rights, Rojzman was featured as guest speaker at the Inter American Development Bank, UNESCO and World Bank.  As a trilingual speaker (Hebrew, Spanish, English), Rojzman bridges the gap between Latin American and European Jewry, a division many times overlooked - but of so much importance in a society quickly evolving into a melting pot.  

Despite his unending knowledge and uplifting spirit, Rabbi Rojzman is the first to tell you he is not without flaw, and that it takes good people working together to bring progression to the things we can individually impact, but only conquer as a group.  This is the core spirit of Echad - good people working together to do good things - a simple thought with the capability to change the world. 


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